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Granny, 3 Grandkids Die in House Fire


Investigation Centers on Christmas Tree

THREE YOUNG CHILDREN AND THEIR Grandmother perished Thursday evening in a house fire in the Ft. Worth, Texas, suburb of Haltom City.  A neighbor spotted smoke coming from a broken 2nd-floor window and called in the alarm around 5 pm.  Firefighters found the house charged with smoke and began a full search.

Just inside the 2nd-story window they found the adult and on the first floor in the front room near a Christmas tree they found the three children

Channel 11 News posted this video report from the scene:


After that video was posted, it was learned that the adult was a 52-yr.old female, the grandmother of the three children whose ages were 2-months, 3- and 5-years.

The fire apparently originated in the area where a Christmas tree was still installed and unconfirmed reports say that the FF's  found a lighter in the area.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had more details HERE.
NBC5 has MORE.


View more videos at:


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  • Fort Worth Fire buff

    The information is wrong about the victims locations. One was found in the kitchen area on the first floor toward the back, one was at the top of the stairs and the infant was located in the masterbed room on the second floor, no one was near the tree. Also the grandmother was found in the bathroom also located on the second floor, and nowhere near a window. Just trying to give the right facts.

    • firegeezer

      Thanks for the update, FtW FB.  Those early reports are often sketchy on the details.