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Morning Lineup – January 11

Friday Morning – Safe Driving Practices

It's kind of nice to learn that we're not the only ones who do this.  Every now and then we hear about an FD that takes delivery of a new firetruck before they learn that it won't fit through the doorway into the apparatus bay.  I recall posting something like this from Pennsylvania  a couple of years ago, and I'm sure we've all heard similar stories once in a while.  Shucks, it even happened in my own department when a monster of a tower-ladder arrived back in the mid-1980's.  The fire chief himself rode with the mechanic around to almost every station looking for one they could park it in.  It turned out that the only station it would fit in was one where an aerial had been removed about a year before because every one of the company's surrounding stations had a truck already and it was considered redundant.

The firefighters in a volunteer department in Montcuq, France, had a similar gut-grab a few days ago when a the state sent them a new firetruck on Sunday that had apparently been ordered by a pencil pusher up in Paris.  It fits in the firehouse ok, but it is too wide for the unusually narrow streets of the medievel town.

They are currently using three smaller engines that carry more water than the new behemoth and can get around throughout the village, but the people-who-know-better have decided that all three of the older trucks will be taken away and retired.  The regional fire district ordered 15 of these super engines back in 2009 and this new truck is the 5th one to be delivered so far.  Good luck, guys!

The Montcuq FF's pose with their new pumper on Sunday

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We have a brief update on the NHL's gearing up for the shortened season.  They cannot make any official plans until the new CBA is approved and signed off by the league and the players' union.  As we mentioned earlier, the league's owners ratified the new agreement on Wednesday.  It takes a little longer to get the players on board because there are about 700 of them scattered all over and they have to vote on it.  The ballots started returning yesterday (Thursday) and it is expected that all of them will be returned by Saturday (presumably agreeing to the terms).

This will allow the training camps to open Sunday and create logjams at the medical offices while the players get their medical and physical tests and clearances so that hopefully they can get on the ice Monday to get their timing and playmaking skills back on track.  The season will probably kick off on the following Saturday, not much time to get all the necessary coaching and plans worked out.  Making it more difficult is the lack of any pre-season games that would normally allow them to work out the kinks.

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And lastly, have you ever wondered about those highway signs that inform you that the speed limits are being enforced by aircraft?  How do they do that, you might ask?  Well, one curious fellow in Georgia was putting together a home video on just that subject when by coincidence he was able to observe first-hand how that works:


We'd better get this equipment checked out now.  I'll run the Bunn-O-Matic one more time and then see you back in the day room.

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