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Paint Factory Burning in France

Spectacular Smoke Plume Visible For Great Distance

A FIRE BROKE OUT IN A PAINT FACTORY in Bergerac, France, Saturday morning.  The blaze is now under control and contained to the factory building and is expected to keep firefighters on the scene until at least Sunday evening.  The air and environs have been closely monitored all day and so far there has not been any toxins discovered.


There were about 88 firefighters and 20 firetrucks on the scene, but several airport foam units from Gironde were expected to join them.


Charente Libre has some good, early raw video posted taken as the units are arriving and setting up hose lines.  Watch the large, flaming vat go airborne at the 1:07 mark:


The fire began around 11:20 am at the Bouchillou Alky paint factory while only three employees were inside and was brought under control by 5 pm. The factory had 5,000 m2 of buildings: some are almost destroyed while others are threatening to collapse. Fire spread through the factory buildings where several small explosions have occurred, according to firefighters.  The factory produces commercial paints and industrial varnishes.


A 400-metre security perimeter was installed around the site, reduced to a few hundred metres around 6 P.m., according to firefighters.

"Everything is done to manage the (runoff) in the river Dordogne from the site", including the water from the fire hose and the liquid products of combustion, precise prefecture in its news release, stressing that there is 'no impact on drinking water supply networks'.

About 250 residents had been evacuated as a precaution. Late in the afternoon, most were allowed to return to their homes.  According to firefighters, thirty residents, whose homes are too close to the plant, however, will not yet be able to return to their homes.

The establishment was closed Saturday morning. The plant's Technical Director and two warehouse employees were present at the site and were able to evacuate. On a weekday there would be 45 workers in the plant.

TV France3 also has some good video coverage:


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