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Challenging Extrication in Germany

3 Hours and 3 Rescue Jaws Required

TRAFFIC WAS STOPPED FOR FIVE HOURS on the Hamburg-to-Stade highway Tuesday afternoon in Germany.  A Mercedes sedan was traveling in the oncoming lane of the 2-lane highway shortly after 3 pm when it collided with a transport truck head-on.  The collision slammed the car against the guard rail where it came to rest with both drivers trapped in their vehicles.

The truck that was involved is on the right shoulder
just ahead of the fire engine.
(All photos via Stade Polizei)

Two fire engines and four ambulances were sent to the scene where extrications of all passengers were required.  The firefighters immediately moved the car away from the barrier so that they could gain additional access to the passenger compartment, and then removed the entire roof.

The truck driver was not seriously injured and he was easily removed from the cab.

The car's driver  was pinned at his lower legs with several car parts wrapped around his ankles.  The FD utilized three hydraulic rescue tools to cut away the car from the man's feet, an operation that took them three hours to complete.  The driver was then taken to the hospital in serious, life-threatening condition.  It is not yet known why he was traveling in the wrong lane.

The highway was closed for five hours through the evening rush hour.

Feuerwehrleben has the story and photo gallery HERE.

Thanks to Christian Lewalter of Feuerwehr Weblog.

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