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Morning Lineup – January 18

Friday Morning – Small Feet

If your plans for today include sending the ambulance over to the Subway carry-out to pick up subs for lunch, you might want to keep in mind the latest revelation going around the web about their sandwiches.  It seems that a fellow in Australia who bought a Subway cold-cut sub recently has a sharp eye, so he took out a tape measure to check out his foot-long sub, and lo and behold… it came up a bit short:

This led to more sub-checking along with posting his pic on his Facebook page, which generated the measuring of thousands of foot-longs worldwide.  It turns out that the eagle-eyed Aussie, Matt Corby of Perth, is not alone in coming up a wee tad short in salami and fixin's.  As more unhappy customers sent in their candid pics – and Subway's red-faced PR department went into damage control – the New York Post sent its reporters into a batch of Subways in Manhattan, Bronx and Queens where they claim they found that four out of seven "Five-dollar Footlongs" measured out to 11 or 11-½ inches.

Subway's public statements say that since the rolls are "baked fresh daily" in each of their 38,000 restaurants, then it's to be expected that there will be a variance in the exact lengths of the buns.  And that sounds reasonable and not worth worrying about, doesn't it?  However a lot of sub afficianados point out that none of them accidently bake out to 12-½ inches or more.  As a result of this PR fiasco we further learn from former employees that the buns are delivered to the stores as frozen breadsticks, then baked as needed.  So it's apparent that the Subway bakery, which pre-cuts the breadsticks before freezing, is fudging a bit on the dough.

So look for a press release in the coming weeks announcing the 12-inch-plus sub rolls arriving at your local Subway.  Back before Sears bought them out, K-Mart had the very best carry-out subs for busy engine co. on the go.  Ahh …. those were the days.

Before we get too hungry, let's get ourselves on the go and start checking out the equipment.  The Bunn-O-Matic needs replenishing, so I'll get going with that.  Then we can meet back in the day room and plan lunch.  See you there.

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