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Science Student Ka-Booms His Apartment

Experiment Needs More Work

A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – DAVIS student/junior researcher was doing something improper with chemicals in his apartment Thursday when he triggered a small ka-boom.  The unidentified student transported himself to the hospital with a hand wound consistent with an explosion, so the hospital properly notified the police.  The Ventura County Star continues:

Police were called to the apartment by hospital officials around 1:30 a.m. Thursday after the person sought treatment for a hand injury, UC Davis spokesman Andy Fell said.

The building, which has four apartments in it, was evacuated, and four neighboring apartments also were evacuated as police searched the building and cleared out the material, Fell said.

Fell said he didn't know what kind of chemicals were involved or what the person was doing with them when the explosion occurred.

Apparently the researcher has been tinkering away from the lab for a long time because his neighbors say that there has been a makeshift vent installed in his bedroom window for about a year.

(Ventura County Star photo)

In a statement to the Woodland Daily Democrat, UC Davis police chief Matt Carmichael said:

(he) did not know what sort of research the man was doing, or whether it was illegal activity. His name was not released, and the police chief said he had no roommates.

Some of the researcher's neighbors reported noticing unusual smells emanating from that apartment.

"We're not aware of any ongoing issue" with that apartment or the researcher, Carmichael said. He added, "This is the first time we've been out here for anything like this."

The police affirmed that there is no indication of any illegal drug activity associated with the chemical experiments.  The university says that there is no authorization for the young man to conduct any off-campus research.

The law enforcement agencies spent yesterday removing the chemicals from the apartment complex.

Sacramento TV channel 13 filed this video report:


The Davis Patch has MORE.

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