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Chattanooga Choo-Choo’s to Zero Fire Deaths

An Achievement to Be Proud Of

THE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, FIRE Department has proudly announced to their citizens that there were no fire-related deaths in 2012.  In a statement to the press, Fire Chief Randy Parker said, "We always strive to prevent all fire fatalities in Chattanooga, but we’re usually disappointed. This is obviously good news for us and the city we serve."

Chattanooga Fire Station 1  (Google Street View)

This was the first time in more than a decade that the city has reached this goal.  After a string of five years where the annual fire fatalities ranged from one to four, the count jumped to 8 in 2011.  It appears that was when this new initiative was put together and into practice.

The Chattanoogan reported on this story:

Chief Parker attributes the success in part to the department’s fire prevention efforts — headed up by Fire Marshal James Whitmire — and a little luck. "Our Fire Prevention Bureau coordinates a lot of excellent public education events throughout the year," said Chief Parker, "and I know that makes a big difference. But I also know there’s a certain amount of luck involved."

Following the topic, Chief Parker stated that while the FD usually arrives on the scene of a fire in just a few minutes, most fire deaths occur before the first fire engine gets there because of the heat and/or toxic gasses.  The Chattanoogan story goes on to tell how the fire marshal's office has been aggressively bringing the message of self work at fire prevention.  It looks like they're getting a payoff from that.  Chattanooga FD is an ISO Class 2 fire department.

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