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Morning Lineup – January 19

Saturday Morning – Let's Go For a Spin

First I want to send thanks to FossilMedic for keeping the crowd occupied with his Car-Toon while I conducted a well-earned sleep-in this morning.  I really needed that and I plan on staying low-key today.  However we will continue posting stories throughout the day, as usual.

Speaking of the Car-Toon, a lot of folks think that the '54 Corvette was the first production model that was retailed, but it was actually the '53 that hit the streets first, albeit a very small number of them were produced until the calendar dictated moving into the '54 production.  This Geezer can remember all the hoopla and excitement among automotive fans when the '53 was introduced.  Up until that time, the only real sports cars available came from England or (if you really had the sheckels) Italy.  The Corvette really was the first American sports car.  It's first full year of production (the '54 model) was hindered because Chevy only had a 6-cylinder engine available, so the Great American Sports Car was seriously underpowered by sportscar standards.

But that was overcome the next year when the '55 Chevy's came out touting their new V-8 sitting in one of the greatest auto designs ever.  Stylistically speaking, the '55 Chevy is still considered by many, if not most, to be the ultimate in sedan design.  Can you think of any better?

The unmatched '55 Chevy

Ok…I see you've already finished the equipment check, so I'll run some more coffee through the Bunn-O-Matic.  See you back in the day room.  It's Saturday, so watch out for those weekend shoppers out there.

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