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Product Review: Honeywell Cowhide Leather Structural Fire Glove

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Firegeezer is collaborating with TheFireStore to have
firefighters in the field test and review products found in their catalogue
and then publishing the reviews here and in TheFireStore's
own fine blog, On Scene, which is posted several times each week

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This week we are reviewing the Honeywell Cowhide Leather Structural Fire Glove. The gloves were tested by members of the Haledon Fire Department in Haledon, New Jersey, and are reviewed by Firefighter/EMT Rick Genberg. Their experience and comments on the gloves are included here:

Honeywell 7550 Cowhide Leather Structural Fire Glove

Over the course of the month and a half that I used the gloves I was able to evaluate their performance in cold and wet weather, doing many of the common tasks of firefighters such as pulling hose, joining couplings, cutting with saws and using forcible entry tools.


I was happy with the performance of these gloves. They are soft and comfortable, durable, and flexible. I compared them to several lightly used "no-name" cowhide fire gloves and a similar pair from another manufacturer.

The Honeywell gloves were definitely a better glove. One comparison was to soak the gloves and leave them outside in freezing weather for several hours. When thawed and dried the Honeywell gloves were not nearly as stiff as the other gloves, though there was some stiffness.


Fit and feel in the finger areas is very good. I felt very comfortable and had plenty of flexibility using these gloves. As the price is around the average price of quality cowhide gloves I would certainly recommend these gloves to anyone looking to purchase cowhide gloves.

……….Rick Genberg, Haledon Fire Co. 1

For more information and construction details on the Cowhide Leather Structural Fire Glove and to order from TheFireStore, CLICK HERE to go to their catalogue page.

To follow their blog On Scene, CLICK HERE.

Haledon Fire Department WEBSITE.

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