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Driver’s License? We Don’t Need No Driver’s License

Don't Need One If You Don't Drive, Do You?

IN BURLINGTON COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, there is a controversy in Pemberton Township over some proposed changes to minimum standards for volunteer firefighters.  The most contentious proposal has to do with the Council's desire to require all of them to have driver's licenses.

The Burlington County Times reported recently:

Township officials said they are worried that firefighters without a license could be involved in an accident while driving to the firehouse or a fire scene and the township could be held liable.

"At the time they start responding to that fire call, they are working for the township," Councilman Ken Cartier said.

"I think you’re making a mistake," resident Thomas Maahs told the council. "You’re cutting out a part of your volunteer base that could join the fire department.

"We’re already requiring volunteers to have GED (diplomas) and now we’re going to say they have to have a driver’s license?" Maahs asked. "My son is 28 years old and has no desire to have a driver’s license, but yet he’s one of your top responders. How does he get there? His mother drives him…."

After further testimonies and discussion, the Township Council voted to introduce the new ordinance on February 6 and hold the public hearing on the 20th.

Read the complete story in the Burlington Times HERE.
Pemberton Twp. VFD WEBSITE.

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