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More Recent Recalls

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 Hot on the heels of the last bunch, here are some more recalls:

Hayes Lemmerz International Commercial Highway is recalling (NHTSA #12E-044) certain commercial steel wheels, models #90262, 90541 and 10073, with date codes ending in 030512, 030612, 030712, 030812 and 030912. These wheels were sold as aftermarket/replacement equipment or installed as original equipment in various commercial highway tractor, truck and bus applications.

Because of an inadequate weld between the wheel disc and rim, the disc can separate from the rim.

Hayes Lemmerz will notify affected aftermarket/replacement wheel distributors and vehicle manufacturers. The vehicle manufacturers will notify owners of vehicles that may have had the wheels installed as original equipment. The manufacturer has not yet provided the agency (NHTSA) with a notification schedule. Vehicle owners should contact their vehicle manufacturer and owners of the aftermarket wheels should contact their aftermarket distributor. Hayes Lemmerz may be contacted at 734 737 5205.

Once again I repeat what I say every time in cases like this: There’re too many stages where these parts may pass through to depend on them notifying you. If you think that you may have some of the affected parts, you need to proactively pursue it.

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PACCAR is recalling (12E-053) certain TRP branded aluminum wheels sold for resale in the aftermarket with one of the following part numbers: AW2258B, AW2258M, AW2458B or AW2458M.

The rim markings on these wheels were etched to a depth less than the minimum requirements. They fail to conform to the rim marking requirements of FMVSS 120, "Tire Selection and Rims for Motor Vehicles Other Than Passenger Cars." Without proper rim markings, owners may not be able to identify these wheels in the event of a wheel recall.

PACCAR will notify owners and replace the rims free of charge. My caution above applies. The recall was to have begun during December 2012. Owners may contact PACCAR at 425 468 7400. Their campaign number is PPD1202.

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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America is recalling (12V534) certain 2012 – 2013 FEC52, FEC72, FEC92 and FEB72 trucks.

The parking brake cable nut may have been insufficiently tightened during assembly. As a result, the parking brake cable could loosen with each operation of the parking brake. Continued use of the parking brake could result in the inability for it to hold the vehicle stationary.

MFTA will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and tighten the parking brake nut, free of charge. The recall was to have begun during December, 2012. Owners may contact MFTA at 856 467 4500. The recall campaign number is C1005810.

MFTA is also recalling (12V-545) certain 2005 – 2007 FE83D, FE84D, FE85D and FG84D trucks.

The fuel pipes may crack due to an improper manufacturing process. Additionally, the fuel pipe flare nuts may have been insufficiently tightened. Cracked fuel pipes or loose fuel pipe flare nuts may leak fuel.

MFTA will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the fuel pipes and tighten or replace them as needed free of charge. The safety recall is to begin in January, 2013. Owners may contact MFTA at 856 467 4500. The recall campaign number is C1006110.

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Navistar is recalling (12V-546) certain 2012 – 2013 International brand 9900, LoneStar, PayStar, ProStar, TranStar and WorkStar trucks equipped with front brake linings listed as feature codes 0504501 or 0504504. The brake S-cam tube bracket assemblies on the steer axles may fracture. Brake assembly fractures may result in an inoperative brake on the affected wheel.

Navistar will notify owners, and dealers will replace S-cam tube bracket assemblies free of charge. The recall is to begin in January, 2013. Owners may contact Navistar at 800 448 7825. Navistar’s campaign number is 12530.

That's all for this secondary batch of recalls that just arrived.  Get caught up on our recent and past recall notices HERE.
……. Sam

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