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Chicago Warehouse Fire Update

Rekindle, Audio, Video and More

WE HAVE MORE TO REPORT on yesterday's vacant warehouse fire that the Chicago FD called their "largest fire in several years." See yesterday's Firegeezer report HEREThe spectacular sub-freezing incident has generated nationwide interest not only for its size, but for the fascinating views of a large fire building shrouded in ice.

Many of the units are still on the scene and earlier this morning there was a large rekindle in the center of the building.  WMAQ-TV tells us:

The fire that lit up Chicago skies Tuesday night and consumed a third of the city's fire department rekindled Thursday morning.

Sky 5 images of the abandoned warehouse at 37th Street and Ashland Avenue in Bridgeport showed flames again shooting through the roof and smoke pouring south as fire equipment gathered at the building. The flames began again just before 6 a.m.

Chicago Fire officials called it a "significant rekindle" that they were expecting with crews already on the scene. Because the fire rekindled at the center of the building, firefighters are defensively battling the blaze at the perimeter. A rarely used "deluge unit" was brought in to help douse the fire.

WMAQ-TV filed this raw video taken this morning:


View more videos at:

ChicagoAreaFire / Redick

As you have come to expect,  the best photographs of the incident are those found at the ChicagoAreaFire website.  Master photogs. Steve Reddick, Tim Olk, Josh Boyajian, Jeff Rudolph, and Larry Shapiro have posted a great collection of pics that you will want to view. 

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Click on the six parts posted so far HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE (all audio), HERE, and HERE.  Later this evening check back to their WEBSITE HERE for any additions that will be posted during the day.  Just in:  Larry Shapiro's 149-image gallery HERE.

Chicago's Radioman, Dave Weaver has posted the complete radio traffic from the CFD.  Follow these links for some dispatch report:

5-11 Order
Fireground Radio

Real Time Recording
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Tower 5's Basket Frozen In Place
Part 9

5-11 + 2 Specials Struck Out By Orders of 2-1-4
Part 10

Dave the Radioman also takes some darn good video:


Larry Shapiro posted a video also:


Thanks to Mark D. for assistance.

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