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Morning Lineup – January 24

Thursday Morning – Penny For Your Thoughts?

Some people come up with strange ideas on how they would like to spend their spare time (and spare change).  For instance, a couple in Chicago decided to make a home project of covering their bedroom floor with pennies.  I don't know why they wanted to do this, but they seem to get along together ok. 

Next thing you know, they're stopping by the bank every week to buy more rolls of the 1¢ pieces and laying down some more of the special grout that is just right for cementing coins to your floor.  Each evening they would spend a few hours with a bottle of wine, grouting and pressing the coins into carefully defined straight lines across the 380 sq. ft. room. 

The NBC Today Show crew inteviewed them on the air after it was finished:


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After spending four months and nearly 60,000 pennies (plus a couple of hundred dollars on supplies), they had it fully covered and ready for the final touch.  A nice, no-grit sanding to bring up the beautiful copper shine was followed by a clear acrylic finish that will protect the coins and their shine along with a smooth surface.

That's nice.  The couple was able to spend a lot of "quality time" together, enjoying their adult beverages and accomplishing something tangible and permanent.  And unique.  After the tv network interview they can say that millions of people have been through their bedroom.  I learned about their group therapy recreation HERE.  I wish them well and admire their innovativeness.

Let's get our own group therapy started now, the one called "equipment check."  I feel the need to get more hot coffee ready for enjoyment, so I'll get that started, too.  See you back in the day room.

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