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The 1913 Brennan Hotel fire – LAFD

This is but one story of a Fire Department drenched in rich history, centered around bravery. May it remind us of the daily courageous acts of firefighters world wide and the countless stories gone untold.

LAFD spokesperson Erik Scott provides a press release:

Dear Friend of the LAFD,

     We would like to share a story with you that turns 100 years-old today. Not just any story. A story that is one of the most talked about fires in the history of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

A fire so vicious it injured 30 rugged firemen, burying five, and nearly cost the Chief of the Department his life.

A fire where chorus girls in makeup rewarded exhausted firemen with kisses as they exited the smoke-filled building.

A fire where likely more pictures were taken than any other fire in the horse drawn era (1877-1921).

A fire so fierce it inspired the instant making of a movie. A fire where the Los Angeles Mayor actually pulled hose-line, and thousands of spectators powerlessly watched wide eyed.

This is a story like no other, and just when everyone thought the flames were out…

Go HERE to read the rest of Scott's article.

Go HERE to see the LAFD Historical Archive photographs.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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