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Miracle Crash Survivor

But Whatever You Do, SAVE THE BLANKETS!

IN RUSSIA EVERYBODY HAS a dash-cam because of widespread insurance fraud.  So it was likely that this very unlikely accident would be recorded.  The video begins with an overanxious driver passing the truck recording the event on an icy road in heavy traffic. 

But as he rapidly returns to the proper lane to avoid the approaching head-on, he goes into a slow spin and the oncoming truck smashes the rear end of the sliding car.  The impact tosses an infant out the rear window and onto the center of the pavement.

As you watch the video, notice how the rear-duals of the first truck to pass by miss the baby by only an inch or two.  From there it really gets interesting.

Video report provided by Russia Today


I wish the video continued for a few more minutes so that we could watch this clown try to drive on his way.

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