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Morning Lineup – January 26

Saturday Morning – Man Your Battle Stations

Yuck!  I looked out the window a few minutes ago and it has started snowing!  That is not at all what I was wishing for.  The weather experts say that it's just a passing thing and it will be partly sunny today and above freezing.  Good.

If you're in a region where snow is much more abundant, we're getting into that time of year where you tend to get a bit of cabin fever and need some sort of distraction.  Maybe I can help you out with that.  I recently learned that the nation's most off-beat and unique department store, Hammacher Schlemmer in NYC has temporarily lopped 25% off their premium Snowball Slingshot.  Really, if there is still 6 inches or more of the white stuff on the ground outside your house, then this is something you ought to consider.

The write-up on H-S's website describes this beauty by telling us:

This is the snowball-hurling slingshot that brings snowball battles into the 21st century. A baseball-sized snowball is placed into the slingshot's muzzle, drawn back, and fired at opposing forces, helping to facilitate their hasty withdrawal or surrender. The distance a snowball travels depends on the force applied to the medical-grade elastic tubing, allowing children to engage in close-range confrontations.

Made of durable, polypropylene/styrene-based plastic that withstands the rigors of winter play. Includes target for practicing accuracy.

This premium pitcher has been reduced from $40 to $30, but only for a limited time.  CLICK HERE to order one from H-S.  The best way to enjoy this toy is to get all your neighbors to buy one, too.  Since you can't gather in the field across the street for a pickup softball game this time of year, why not get a snowball game going instead?

If the price is a little  too steep for you, especially if you want to get one for everybody in the family, Amazon has a wide range of snowball slingshots and snowball blasters at many different prices.  Why, they even have a handy snowball maker for about 5 bucks that will move you up into the rapid-fire level of battle competition.

CLICK HERE to see Amazon's large offering of snow weaponry.

First we have to get the convoy ready to move, so let's get the equipment checked out now and I'll get more coffee started for the Thermos jugs.  See you back in the day room later.

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