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Paramedic Attacker Facing Homicide Charge

Physical Attack Lead to Miscarriage

AN OKLAHOMA CITY MAN WAS ARRESTED December 18 following a violent attack on a paramedic who was treating him in the back of an ambulance.  The EMSA ambulance was dispatched to a call for a man "needing medical attention" and the two paramedics on board were a husband and wife team, Timothy and Joanna Hickerson.  Joanna was 17-weeks pregnant at the time.  The patient turned out to be Ronald Paul Heatly, 58, of Oklahoma City. 

Joanna and Tim Hickerson

KOTV News reports:

According to the police report, both Joanna and Tim got a call for help to this Walgreens at NW 23rd and May Ave. from Ronald Heatly.  When the paramedic couple arrived, they found Heatly inside the store and he came out willingly, but it was when he came outside and into the ambulance that things went south.

According to court records, Heatly was "acting very paranoid, was dehydrated and was HIV positive". Once hooked up to the IV, he "became agitated" and started "swinging his legs and arms around" at the pregnant paramedic, "striking her in the stomach".

Other reports add that he kicked her and kneed her in the abdomen.  On January 18 she miscarried the baby.  Following a postmortem, the medical examiner ruled the incident to be a homicide.


"These paramedics did absolutely nothing wrong," said MSGT. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. "They showed up and were trying to help somebody, and as a result, unfortunately ended up losing their child."

Heatly was booked in on misdemeanor assault charges, but is out of jail. He has since moved out of the apartment where he used to live and was in the process of being evicted. Those who live and work here say they remember him as being very weird.

KWTV Ch. 9 has more in this video report: – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

The Oklahoma County District Attorney will determine what, if any, additional charges will be placed against Heatly.

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