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Bus Crash in Portugal Leaves 11 Dead

More Than 30 Injured – 5 Seriously

A TOUR BUS SLID OFF A RAIN-DRENCHED ROADWAY in Portugal Sunday morning and rolled down an embankment.  The bus was carrying 44 passengers to visit a religious shrine when the driver lost control as it was going around a curve just before 8:30 am.

Correio da Manha photo

So far, 11 people, all adults, have died and 32 were injured, 5 of them seriously.

A portable medical tent and triage center was set up
(Correio da Manha photo)

At least 260 emergency service people including firefighters, paramedics and police responded to the scene.  Also, two helicopters were dispatched to transport the more seriously injured passengers.

Correio da Manha photo

EuroNews TV posted this video report:


Additional video from DN Portugal:


The Telegraph (UK) has more details HERE.

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