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Morning Lineup – January 27

Sunday Morning – How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Thank goodness the Arctic chill that hovered over us for several days is moving on.  Yesterday it climbed out of the freezing zone and today it should get to the upper 30's here.  Tomorrow, upper 40's and Tuesday upper 50's.  I'm ready for Spring myself, I have never been a fan of cold weather.  And I just heard on the tv that the amount of daylight time has grown by 31 minutes since the first of the month.  I think everybody can accept that ok.

While we're on the subject of Winter, Mark D. spotted an incident that was made public recently from the "Boys will be boys" department up in Framingham, Massachusetts.  The MetroWest Daily News reported it earlier this month:

The incident occurred at approximately 1:51 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 11, according to Framingham police, when officers responded to a report of two male "teenagers" throwing eggs at a Griffin Road residence. The caller said the pair drove off in a red car.

Framingham police stopped the car at 2 a.m. near the residence, and identified the occupants as two Newton police officers, according to Lt. Ron Brandolini, a Framingham police spokesman.

The driver admitted the pair had just egged the home but said, "It was a prank, a joke between friends."

As Framingham police headed back to the residence to speak with the homeowner, a third Newton police officer was found. Framingham police said he also took part in the egging.

It was when the Framingham officer talked to the homeowner that he learned that the object of the prank was a Newton police sergeant, the pranksters' superior officer.  Charges weren't placed because the sergeant assured them that the matter would be "handled internally."  I'll bet the air is still tight and stuffy inside the Newton police station.

I'm sure glad that none of you guys would even think about doing something like that.  Right?

Ok,  let's think about getting the equipment checked out now while Cook gets the big Sunday breakfast started.  He has better plans on what to do with the eggs.  I'll double up on the Bunn-O-Matic and then catch you later in the day room.

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