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Morning Lineup – January 28

Monday Morning – Let's Make a Deal

It has been quite a while since I purchased anything through eBay, but three days ago I did again.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find that the procedure for confirming and paying for it through PayPal has been greatly simplified.  Nowadays PayPal is the only payment method allowed for eBay purchases which is ok for most folks.  It's been, what?, about 8 years since eBay bought PayPal outright and integrated it into their operation.  But there was always a tedious path to pay for your winning bid (or Buy Now purchase) where you had to stop what you were doing and, following the trail they laid out, logging into your PayPal account and going through another procedure.  Like I say, it was tedious.

Now it is much more streamlined as they have made it zippier (is that a word?) to finish your transaction.  No more pausing to log in through another window and pop-ups.  Now you just click on the Confirm button and go with it.  As I recall from my recent experience, eBay had my PayPal password already on file and all I had to do was give it a couple of clicks and I was done.  I was so surprised to find myself finished with the transaction so quickly that I backtracked through my steps looking for something I missed.  But no, that was it.

Personally I like PayPal a lot.  It is a very safe and secure way to handle cash transactions for retailing purposes and it doesn't cost the purchaser anything.  The seller is charged a few pennies for handling the transaction which they do smoothly, but it is worth it.  I have used it directly with other people selling goods, and with private parties who also have their own PayPal accounts.  It truly is a good, safe way to pay for items.

I use PayPal for my Firegeezer coffee mug sales and am completely satisfied with their service.  A lot of people don't have PayPal accouts, but when they buy one of my mugs, they have the option of using their credit card instead.  No problemo…. we take them all and PayPal does all that work for me, too.  When you order one of my mugs and click the final button, within seconds the credit card is approved and the order ends up in my email box.  Couldn't be simpler.  So if you are thinking about buying my coffee mug (HERE) or our popular travel mug (HERE), don't let the payment method bother you at all.  It is safe and speedy, just like on eBay.

Now let's do a safe and not-speedy equipment check to start the day.  This is Monday, so it's the long checksheet today.  (I'll sure be glad when they put these things on the e-tablets.)  I'll get more coffee going through the Bunn-O-Matic and then see you back in the day room.  That's a deal!

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