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THE SARNIA, ONTARIO, FIRE CHIEF, Patrick Cayen was removed from his job on January 10.  A statement released by the City of Sarnia stated that, "Pending charges have compromised his ability to carry out his duties as chief of Sarnia Fire Rescue Service."  The charges that they are referring to were placed against him in November 22 accusing Cayen of 28 instances of sexual assault. 

Patrick Cayen  (London Free Press)

The London Free Press reported at the time:

Dressed in a fleece jacket bearing the emblem of Sarnia Fire and Rescue, Cayen did not speak during the bail hearing, but did converse with his lawyer Michael Robb from the prisoner's box.

The charges include 11 counts of sexual interference and four counts of invitation of touching for a sexual purpose.

Sarnia police Sgt. Scott MacLean said these charges are only laid when the victims are children. Police have said there are two alleged victims.

Eleven days after his dismissal, Sarnia police arrested Cayen, 54, and leveled an additional 26 sex-related criminal offenses against him.  These new charges are for offenses that pre-date those claimed in the original indictment in November, which hints that perhaps other victims have come forward after learning of the arrest.

The London Free Press has this updated report HERE.
Read the original November 22 article in the London Free Press HERE.

Cayen officially became Sarnia's fire chief in October, 2005 after arriving in the community as deputy fire chief in July, 2003.

The Sudbury native started as a firefighter in 1980 in Rossland, B.C. and spent four years as the first paid fire chief in the Township of Malahide, Ont. before arriving in Sarnia.  He also worked as a firefighter in the Yukon.

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