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Fire Captain Takes Quick Retirement As The Law Swoops In

He's In a Heap o' Trouble Anyway

CONTRA COSTA (California) FIRE DISTRICT CAPTAIN Jon Wilmot, 51, knew trouble was coming when he suddenly retired from the department with 27 years service on December 9.  The next day, Sheriff's deputies arrested him and charged him with suspicion of grand theft and burglary.

While he was being arrested and processed, other deputies were serving search warrants on Wilmot's three houses and six vehicles.  The searches turned up 268 items belived to have been stolen from the fire department, including uniforms, hand tools, emergency equipment and supplies such as toilet paper and pencils.  Moreso, the search also uncoverd a cache of 27 handguns, 11 rifles, 15 shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.  That discovery has brought in the ATF and FBI agents.

The Oakland Tribune adds:

The fire district began investigating Wilmot in May after a colleague took video of him leaving the Mt. Diablo Boulevard station in Lafayette with a chain saw, an iron skillet and sports drinks — all believed to be district property.

The case was handed over to the Lafayette Police Department in late September, when the district reported an elliptical machine and recumbent bike missing from the closed firehouse on Los Arabis Drive in Lafayette, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by this paper.

On multiple occasions, Wilmot was either filmed or seen by co-workers taking suspected fire district property while off-duty, the affidavit says.

KNTV filed this video report last Monday (recommended viewing):


View more videos at:

KNTV reports on their website:

A judge has also granted a workplace violence restraining order against Wilmot, ordering him to stay 100 yards away from all 270 employees of the district, as well as district facilities.

The fire district wrote in a petition for a workplace violence restraining order, "[Wilmot] has made numerous indirect, passive aggressive actions toward members of the Fire District…the behavior accompanied by his large cache of illegal weapons creates a significant concern for all Fire District employees."

The petition also reveals erratic and threatening behavior. In one instance, the battalion chief says Wilmot wrote a co-worker’s name on a bullet and gave it to him, and that he stole another firefighter’s uniform in retaliation. Court documents show that uniform, "valued at $2000," was found in Wilmot’s garage "during a search by the Lafayette Police Department."

Court papers further reveal multiple police reports involving complaints against Wilmot from the general public. In one, police say Wilmot "made several threatening phone calls to a woman who had accidentally dialed his phone number and hung up." The report says Wilmot "researched her personal information via the Internet and continued to call her," and that he "made threats of decapitation and various forms of rape."

Another time police responded when Wilmot used a hammer to threaten a delivery driver over a parking spot, according the petition.

CLICK HERE to view the 13-page inventory of the items found during the search of Wilmot's properties (pdf.)

In 2011 Wilmot earned $102,000 salary plus an additional $101,000 in overtime pay.

The Oakland Tribune has this STORY.

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