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Morning Lineup – January 30

Wednesday Morning – Get Your Bets In

You can't argue with the computer, they don't listen to you anyway.  But in many cases they are able to mathematically arrive at a logical conclusion that is mostly inarguable.  Take for example the sports betting website .  This subscription service analyzes upcoming sporting contests by running as many as 50,000 scenarios and lineups, etc., through the Prediction Machine and they give you the odds for events happening one way or another.

So as you might have guessed, they have delved into Sunday's upcoming Super Bowl Game in New Orleans.  They remind us that they have predicted the winners of seven of the last nine Super Bowl contests.  CBS News posted a summary of what the odds-maker has concluded about this year's contest:

They ran Sunday’s 49ers vs. Ravens match-up through their system 50,000 times to see what the most likely outcome of the game will be.

49ers won the game 66.9% of the time, and scored an average of seven points more than the Ravens in the simulations (28.6 to 21.3), with San Francisco outgaining the Ravens by an average of 85 yards per game.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed an average of 20.9 of 35.3 passes per game, with 1.3 touchdowns and 0.8 interceptions. The 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick completed an average of 17.2 of 28.8 passes, for 1.6 touchdowns and 0.8 interceptions, and rushed for 38 yards.

The 49ers get the edge in the following matchups: San Francisco run offense vs. Baltimore run defense, San Francisco pass offense vs. Baltimore pass defense, and the Baltimore run offense vs. San Francisco run defense (they note this as the difference maker). The only advantage that Baltimore has is their special teams.

Uh, oh….   Something to keep in mind when you sign up for the station game pool this weekend.  This is just one more special service provided to you by Firegeezer.  No need to thank me, it's all part of our sterling care of our readers.

CBS News photo

Now let's get started with our sterling equipment check while I slip around to the refreshment stand and get some more coffee started.  See you back in  the betting parlor day room in a little while.

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