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3 Dead, Dozens Injured in Mile-Long Traffic Pileup in Detroit

Casualty Count Still Uncertain

A MAJOR TRAFFIC PILEUP ON I-75 in Detroit, Michigan, Thursday morning left at least three people dead and approximately 30 more injured, some seriously.


The incident happened around 9 am on the busy Interstate when a snow squall popped up and caused an instant whiteout.  As people started hitting their brakes, the slick road surface caused many of them to start skidding and at least three tractor-trailers jacknifed.


A special call for 20 ambulances was placed for mutual aid from the surrounding areas.  At least 12 people have been hospitalized.

Along with the large triage called for, there were as many as 40 vehicles in various levels of damage along with hundreds of car parts scattered along the highway.  The Michigan State Police were able to start clearing some lanes out around noon to get traffic moving when a second whiteout descended over them and set the clearing operations back for a while.  The MSP say that it will now be at least 5 pm before traffic movement is fully restored.


The Detroit News has the STORY.
The Associated Press has a good 15-image photo gallery HERE.

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