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Meth-Heads Trigger Hotel Ka-Boom in San Diego

"Glass flew everywhere, windows came out and mattresses came out.
It was one big KABOOM and the whole building shook,"
a hotel guest said.

A MAN AND WOMAN IN THEIR EARLY 20's were hospitalized with life-threatening burns Wednesday when one of the dim bulbs lit up a cigarette while they were using butane to mix up a batch of meth.  The combination of open flame and butane caused an almighty blast that knocked out several walls on the second floor of the fleabag residence hotel, scattering debris and pieces of building around the entire area.

Los Angeles Times

KSWB-TV reported:

Medics took the two people who had been in the room, a man and woman in their early 20s, to UCSD Medical Center for treatment of life-threatening burns and less severe injuries, respectively.

A 20-year-old man who was in an adjacent guest room at the time of the explosion — which blew out several windows and three walls — was taken to the same Hillcrest hospital with moderately serious trauma, in large part caused by flying structural debris, (San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Maurice) Luque said.

The force of the explosion shattered glass in every direction, sending debris flying, even blowing out the interior wall of the unit next door.

Residents were evacuated while firefighters extinguished the flames within 30 minutes. A hazardous-materials crew determined that no dangerous fumes or other toxic substances were present at the site following the blast and fire, according to Luque.

KSWB-TV has the story plus a video report HERE.

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