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First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – February 1

Friday Morning – A New Blogging Era Begins

This is more than just a new month beginning today.  It is also the beginning of a new partnership for the FireEMSBlogs community because effective today we are now part of the PennWell group, the home of Fire Engineering and other public safety commications and publications.

It was just over four years ago, in December 2008, that Firegeezer became a charter member of the FireEMSBlogs group under the umbrella of the fine Go>Forward Media organization headed up by Dave Iannone and Chris Hebert.  Those two fella's had a real vision of what a group of fire and EMS related blogs could become and they set about to implement their plan.

In these past four years we have ridden the shooting star through the webosphere (as Dave calls it) to become part of the pre-eminent public safety blogging group in the country, if not the entire world.  Opening doors to all the rooms found in the internet and especially the rising social media groups, we here at have been introduced to literally thousands of new readers over the years.  And we truly appreciate every one of you.

Effective this morning, February 1, the FireEMSBlogs group, along with FirefighterNation and JEMS magazines and their related brands, are now owned and operated by PennWell.  It's probably more easily understood by saying that we are now part of the Fire Engineering publishing family and it promises to be an exciting next step in our growth and development as a niche blog that aims to continue bringing you our unique view on what's going on in the fire and EMS universe.  The end of next month will mark six years of our existence as an internet presence, and we are now moving into phase 3 of our travel along the information highway.

From your side of the monitor, things won't look or operate any differently (I don't think), but we will continue to keep up the pace of the always-fluid blogosphere.  So as you can see today, we are still here and we're very pleased that you are, too.  So let's get this equipment checked and I'll get more coffee going, then we'll gather in the digital day room and see what happens next. 

Thanks again from Mike and Bill

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