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30+ Injured in Charter Bus Crash in Boston

High School Students Visiting Harvard

A  CHARTER BUS FROM PENNSYLVANIA CARRYING HIGH SCHOOL students crashed Saturday night when the driver attempted to pass under a bridge that lacked the proper clearance.  The wreck injured 34 of the passengers, four of them seriously.  The crash occurred around 7:35 pm and the top of the bus was crumpled in.  The passengers were from the Philadelphia area and are part of a non-profit youth group that works to open opportunities for young people.

The bus is pictured here after the passengers were removed and
it was pulled out from under the bridge  (Boston FD photo)

The group had just finished a tour of Harvard University and was on their way back to Philadelphia when the driver mistakenly entered a roadway closed to bus traffic because of the low overhead clearance at the bridge.


The Boston Globe is reporting:

One victim had life-threatening injuries and was taken to Boston Medical Center.

Three other victims were also seriously injured, one was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, one to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and one to Massachusetts General Hospital, (a spokeswoman) said.

The 30 victims with minor injuries boarded an MBTA bus near the scene, Mehigan said. They were expected to be transported to Brigham and Women’s and Beth Israel hospitals. All victims were freed from the wreckage by 9 p.m., State Police said in a statement.

State Police spokesman David Procopio said it was not known whether the seriously injured victims were adults or students.

The driver will likely be cited for an overheight violation, said Procopio, and he could face more serious charges as well. The driver was not injured and remained at the site of the crash late Saturday night, where he was being interviewed by State Police.

Boston Fire Dept. photo

WPVI-TV has a 45-image photo gallery HERE.

Hat tip:  Mark Donovan.

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