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Hotel Fire Attack Delayed By Broken Hydrants in Michigan

Special Calls to Set Up Tanker Shuttle

Flint Journal

A MAJOR FIRE IN A FLINT, MICHIGAN, residence hotel Saturday night was especially vexing for the Flint Fire Department.  According to Battalion Chief John Babb, when the units arrived the fire already had a big start but many residents were still in the apartments.  Additionally, the weather had banked the heavy smoke down to street level and the FF's were unable to see each other's trucks or assess the fire conditions.


Of the four hydrants serving the hotel, three of them were inoperable (probably because of being frozen, Chief Babb said).  The working hydrant was dedicated to the aerial truck's master stream and a special call was put out to about seven other departments to set up a tanker relay from the next nearest hydrana a half-mile away.

By then the fire was into the common attic and was running the full building containing 24 units.

Flint Journal

The fire was reported at 10:30 Saturday night and kept all hands working until about 5 am Sunday morning.

WJRT-TV provided this video report from the scene:

 ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

Michigan Live has more HERE.

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