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Morning Lineup – February 3

Sunday Morning – Treating Your Inner Ka-Boom

Everybody enjoys a nice, well-planned implosion.  And whenever one comes along, the news-gathering world flocks to the location and dutifully records the dusty event for our entertainment.  Yesterday was one of those days and it took us away from the mid-winter miseries to the warm, sunny shores of  San Diego, California.  A huge, ungainly and unused power plant was in the way of  "progress" and after many months of preparation, it was ka-boomed before an early morning, cheering crowd of gawkers.


The old gal at one time was pumping out enough kilowatts to power a half-million homes, but she was used up and had been replaced by a younger, more vibrant and more efficient model.  The San Diego Gas & Electric Co. built the plant in the late 1950's and over the decades it changed hands four times, finally ending up on the books of the Port of San Diego.  They decided to spend $40 million to get rid of the concrete skeleton, clean up the area, and turn the scenic spot into a public park and a site for some economic development.  Ninety acres will be dedicated to new park land and 148 acres will be open space for wildlife. It will also include 1,500 condos (isn't that rather redundant?), a 2,000-room hotel resort and convention center, three smaller hotels, shopping and restaurants.

So at 4 am yesterday, thousands of spectators began showing up at the choice viewing spots ready to witness a few seconds of acceptable destruction and to take plenty of shaky home videos that will go unwatched after this week.  But the professional videographers had their $120,000 cameras set up too and captured the moment for the rest of us who couldn't make it in person.


While the dust settles, we'll get our own equipment checked out before the Sunday breakfast is ready.  I'll get a double pot of coffee going through the Bunn-O-Matic and then see you back in the digital day room.

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