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Morning Lineup – February 4

Monday Morning – Anybody Know This Guy?

This morning we will lead off with an alert that is being circulated around the upper-New England area.  One of our readers in Maine passed along this bulletin that was dispatched a few days ago by his state's EMS agency:

From our colleagues in VT and NY, we are hearing reports of a person appearing at fire/EMS agencies and identifying himself as working with Medicare on fraud investigation.

In some cases, he is reported to show a list of services he has already visited, but when asked for ID, the man says that he is not permitted to carry even a business card when doing investigations. He then attempts to conduct crew interviews and take pictures of the ambulance base, vehicles, and personnel.

If you encounter such an individual, we recommend that you not permit him interior access and that you notify law enforcement authorities and Maine EMS.

Off-hand this  doesn't sound like something that affects FF's and EMT's in Illinois or Texas, but it should be brought to everyone's attention and turned into a 5-minute drill, much like I am doing here at the Lineup this morning.

This kind of crap goes on all the time at one place or another and it's better to be aware – and prepared – if one of these creeps wanders into your station.  Their objective may differ from this "investigator's" target, but the basic M. O. is just as suspect.  This weirdo in New England is still on the loose because the guys in the stations were caught unawares and failed to respond quickly enough to keep him busy while somebody else called the law and got an officer or deputy out there pronto.  The law takes police impersonators very seriously and they will respond.

Plus, you can never tell just what these imposters' motives might be, whether just crazy behavior or something truly malicious.  Either way, you don't want them inside your "house," so let's plant this little "reflex seed" in the back of our minds and then we'll get our equipment checked out for today.  I'll slip over to the coffee corner and get the Bunn-O-Matic going again before we meet back in the day room.  See you there.

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