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Airliner Close Call in Rome

Strong Winds Force Plane Off Runway

A ROMANIAN AIRLINE CARPATAIR TURBO-PROP  was attempting to land at Rome, Italy's Fiumicino airport Saturday night when it was upset by strong crosswinds.  The pilot aborted the landing and was making a second attempt when the plane landed hard, bending one of the landing gear, and going off the runway onto the ground where it wrecked.

photos via La Repubblica

There were approximately 46 passengers plus four crew members and 16 of them were injured, 3 of them seriously.

The Carpatair ATR-72 was painted in Alitalia livery and operated in shared-route service by the Romanian airline.  It was completing a flight from Pisa when the accident happened.

La Repubblica

This was Carpatair's third incident since the first of the year and Alitalia has temporarily suspended all shared flights operated by Carpatair until full investigations are completed on all of them.  The joint route agreement has been in effect just since September.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has the STORY.
Sydney Morning Herald has MORE (English).

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