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Ambulance Collision Roundup

Some Recent Ambulance Fender-Benders

SIX PEOPLE WERE INJURED MONDAY afternoon when a Bernardsville, New Jersey, Fire Department ambulance collided with a private auto. The ambulance carrying four volunteer members was responding to a fire alarm when a Volkswagen approaching in the opposite direction made a left-hand turn in front of the ambulance.

Bernardsville News photo

The crash crumpled the VW requiring extrication efforts to free the two passengers who were transported with minor injuries.  The four FF's were also transported for minor cuts and bruises and later released.

The Bernardsville fire chief said that the ambulance has "extensive" front-end damage and will be out of service for a while.  The BFD has one other ambulance in service.

The Bernardsville News has the STORY.

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A NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA, AMBULANCE collided with a pickup truck at a controlled intersection Sunday morning.  The pickup had the green light and the driver stated that there was another car in the lane next to him blocking his view of the oncoming ambulance, nor did he hear it.  The ambulance struck the pickup in the left front fender which slightly injured the two ambulance personnel.

Sun Journal

The pickup driver said that he was uninjured, probably because he had his seat belt on and had airbags in his truck.  The ambulance had its lights and siren on at the time.  The police are investigating still.

The Sun Journal has the STORY.

Hat tip:  Mark D.

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IN HARPER WOODS, MICHIGAN,   AN AMBULANCE drove into the back of a sand truck on I-94 during a snowfall Monday morning with such force that the ambulance's engine was driven back into the cab.  At least, that's what the reporter-on-the-scene for Detroit tv station WWJ sent in.

Unfortunately, the reporter failed to tell us whose ambulance it was, or if it was on an emergency, or if it had a patient on board.  But he did say that "it did not appear that anyone was injured" because the EMT's (at least the ones that he could see from wherever he was) were standing looking at the ambulance.  Neither did he bother to find out what led to the collision.  But his blank report was dutifully filed HERE.

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