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Morning Lineup – February 5

Tuesday Morning – Geezer Appreciation Day in Vermont

The Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin stopped by the Williston Fire Department yesterday (Monday) to give his best wishes to Fire Lieutenant Lynwood "Ozzie" Osborne and to honor him for his 60 (!) years of service to the FD on his last day on the job.

Lt. Osborne at a recent luncheon held in his honor  (WCAX-TV)

Lt. Osborne, now 80 yrs. old, came to work in 1953 when the area was entirely occupied by farmland and water shuttles were completed with milk cans.  "We didn't have tankers back then," he told New England Cable News.  Now the area is one of Vermont's major retailing centers and has all the attendant problems that come with it.  NECN tells us further:

Some of Osborne's main duties in his 28-hour-a-week part-time job with the department have been maintaining the big trucks and driving them to emergency calls. Perhaps true to his calling, Osborne told NECN that safety concerns inspired him to finally hang up his helmet.

"I just don't want to take a chance of getting somebody hurt, if I'm driving and something happens," Osborne said. "When you hit 80 years old, things can happen."

Chief Ken Morton of the Williston Fire Dept. told NECN he believes Osborne is the longest-serving, regular-duty member of a Vermont fire department.

While he won't respond to more scenes like that, the retiree has pledged to help out the department he loves in smaller ways. "Definitely I will be back here to hang out quite often," he said.

But do not expect this hard-working Vermonter to ever fully retire; he told NECN he's already looking for a new part-time job. "I just have to keep going," Osborne laughed.

During the latter part of his career Ozzie maintained the department's service records and safety tracking.  He plans on taking a few weeks vacation before heading back out into the job market.  Take a few moments to view NECN's video report:


Williston Fire Department WEBPAGE.

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Are you still counting the days until your retirement?  Fuggeddaboutit!  We have to get this equipment checked out first, so let's get started.  I wonder if the firehouse had a Bunn-O-Matic back in 1953?  I'll bet they do now.  See you back in the day room in a little while.

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