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A Pile of Stolen Ambulances Found in Houston

More Than 40 Stolen Ambulances Found

A MASSIVE STOLEN AMBULANCE SCHEME was uncovered Monday when a tiny, hidden GPS tracker started sending its signal and directed the Houston, Texas, police to a scrapyard.  There they found several piles of crushed ambulances and others lined up awaiting the same fate.


Apparently all of them belonged to three private ambulance companies in the Houston area.  Over the past month, they have had 40 ambulances stolen and no leads on what or who was taking place.  KTRK-TV reports:

"They see a good, nice-looking ambulance, running ambulance, and they crush it," said Darlington Ofuefle with Greater Houston EMS Inc.

The men told us they own Baytex EMS, Life Care EMS, and Greater Houston EMS Inc. They say each of their southwest Houston area private ambulance companies have been getting hit pretty hard by unknown auto thieves.

"This ring has been going on for the past one month. And last week, they stole one of my vehicles," said Isopehi.

The men told us they started putting tracking devices in their remaining fleet last week. Then on Monday morning, they got an alert the stolen trucks were at Texas Port Recycling, so they called police.

"I mean, it stopped our business, and the money invested in it, too. It's, like, gone," said Ofuefle.

Undercover investigators tell Eyewitness News they have one suspect in custody. They say it appears the culprits were selling the trucks for $500 and $700 at the scrap yard. The victims say their emergency vehicles are worth much more.

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KTRK-TV Ch. 13 sent a camera crew and their helicopter to the site and filed this video report Monday:


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  • mr618

    There’s got to be more than this to the story. No self-respecting scrap yard is going to crush a vehicle they could sell at a hefty profit. Sounds like maybe the yard owner is in cahoots with another service trying to… well… “crush” the competition.

    • firegeezer

      You’re thinking the same way I am.  There is obviously a turf war going on for all those lucrative medicaid/medicare transport jobs.  Did you notice in the video that the guy said he hadn’t reported the ambo’s missing to the police?  He knows who’s doing it.  But by planting the GPS box, then he got the cops to move in and make the case to track down the culprits… and maybe take the scrap dealer down, too.


    TEXAS. The home of the Bush presidents. Need I say more?

  • barbaraebj

    The scrap yard had to be in on the scam. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for any scrap yard to pay for rescue vehicles they would be able to see easily were not junk. I hope they take that business out of commission also.