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5 Killed in Mobile Home Fire – Indiana

Wood Stove Believed To Be Source

THREE ADULTS AND TWO CHILDREN perished in an early morning fire Thursday in Crawford County, Indiana.  The fire was in a mobile home located in a remote rural area without hydrants and started shortly after midnight Thursday morning.


The victims were two brothers, a girlfriend of one of them, a 3-yr.-old child of the woman and an 8-yr.-old child of one of the men.  A grandfather of the two men who lives nearby, first noticed the fire and turned in the alarm.  He ran up to the property but the fire was so advanced that he was unable to do anything to help.

The initial investigation suggested that the fire started in or near a wood stove that was the unit's only heat source.  It is not yet known if there were any smoke detectors in the home.

WHAS-TV provided this video report:


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