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Morning Lineup – February 7

Thursday Morning – Open Your Books

It was just a little over a week ago on January 29 that I introduced you to Ian Haight of Waterloo, Ontario.  He's the blogger from there who has just begun the 16-month Pre-Service Firefighter Training Program at Conestoga College.  If you missed the Lineup that day, take a few moments to read up on the background to this adventure HERE,  and then the follow up with the diary's initial entry, Phew…I Made It!, that Ian posted HERE.

While it is Ian's preference to post a weekly update on the activities and his progress through the program, you can understand that it isn't practical to try and stick to a strict schedule of posting his entries.  So we'll just keep you notified when they come along.  If you read his initial entry, then you know that he is a capable and interesting writer, so you will find the series both enlightening and entertaining.

Ian's second entry is now online, Reflections on Month One is posted HERE and he tells us about how the physical fitness aspect is playing out.  Going into the program, you might recall, being the oldest in the class he was a little worried about keeping up with the others.  And… he was chosen by the rest of his group to be the Class President.  A good test of leadership capabilities already!  Congratulations, Ian.  We will be watching for the next update and I will post the link when it's available.

p.s.:  Ian is inviting you to leave any comments or questions about his experiences, so go ahead and let him know what you are curious about on the page.

Now let's satisfy our curiosity on whether these trucks and tools are ready for today's action, and get started on the check sheet.  I'll get the Bunn-O-Matic back into action and run a couple more pots to be ready for our meeting in the day room in a little while.  See you there.

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