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Can’t Turn Away From a Slo-Mo Ka-Boom

Betcha' Hit the Replay Button, Too

A GROUP OF STUDENTS AT BRITAIN'S National Film & Television School just finished up their first-year pyrotechnics course as part of the SFX (Special Effects) course curriculum.  Their class project was to subject an auto to an almighty ka-boom and videotape it. 

In their write-up accompanying their YouTube posting, they say in part:

We used a total of 15 litres of petrol, vaporised and ignited by a few lengths of detonation cord to engulf the unfortunate Saab in glorious, beautiful flames. The slow-motion footage reveals the complexity of the fireball and the sheer force of the explosion smashing, burning and ripping parts of the car clean off the chassis.

Flanking the car are two additional explosions, as if to simulate a cluster bomb enveloping the immediate vicinity. The footage was filmed on a Phantom FLEX camera at 2570 frames per second, although the majority of the explosion is sped up in this video, as the entire explosion lasts over six minutes when played at original speed!


This video is copyrighted by the NFTS and posted on YouTube HERE.


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