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Multi-Million-Euro Fire Takes Out German Community Center

250 Firefighters on Scene

A MAJOR FIRE IN A community center in Steinbacher, Germany, has destroyed the complex and caused heavy damage to an adjoining 11-story apartment building.  The fire started around 1:15 am Friday morning in the stage/auditoreum area of the main building.  Just a few hours prior the facility had hosted part of the annual Carnival celebration that leads up to Ash Wednesday (February 13 this year).

Taunus Zeitung

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but it brought 250 firefighters to the scene and was not contained until over 3 hours later,  The last units left the scene on Friday evening.  The community center is a total loss with only the exterior walls still standing.

Taunus Zeitung

The apartment tower had about half the units damaged from the fire along with a major portion of the facade.  One unit was gutted after its windows failed from the flames.  All of the residents had been safely evacuated after the fire had started.


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Thanks to Christian Lewalter of Feuerwehr Weblog.

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