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Rural Metro in Trouble With County Commissioners

Tried To Conceal Medications Removed

CLARK COUNTY, INDIANA, COMMISSIONERS ARE considering cancelling their contract with Rural Metro for their ALS service following a serious breach of their obligation to provide full paramedic service.

The problem first came to light in December when a R/M paramedic radioed to the dispatcher that his unit was not carrying  Ativan, a drug used to control seizures.

WHAS-TV chased down a copy of the radio transmission in question and posted it in this video report:


All this was news to the county commissioners and the county board of health, all who thought that the ambulances were fully stocked with the drugs that their contract calls for.  In a subsequent investigation, WHAS found out:

It’s because of a DEA investigation into Rural Metro Ambulance when they worked out of Louisville. There was morphine and Valium missing from ambulances and the DEA was trying to figure out who took the drugs. Because of that investigation their paramedics were banned from carrying certain medications, medications used to stop seizures.

County commissioners thought the medication was on board and weren’t tipped off to what was going on until they heard calls from paramedics to dispatchers saying they didn’t have medication.

Rural Metro said they now have the medication on their ambulance, but the commissioners are still concerned about their contract with the company and have issues with the way things were handled.

The commissioners are understandably upset and they held a meeting Wednesday morning to discuss the situation with Rural Metro.  Following that meeting they said that they will decide by the end of this month whether to continue with Rural Metro or not.

Firegeezer comments:  By delaying the decision they have bought time to quickly arrange for alternative source of coverage if needed.

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