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Morning Lineup – February 9

Saturday Morning – Making Summer Plans?

This is the time of year that vacation schedules are being made and leave slips submitted in the hopes that you have enough seniority to get the dates you are looking for.  If you live in the central Atlantic coastal region, we've just received our first fire apparatus muster announcement for this year.

The Cradle of Liberty Antique Fire Apparatus Association has sent us their poster for this year's annual muster that will be held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, from July 31 – August 3.  This year's event will be a special one because they are also hosting the SPAAMFAA National Summer Convention, a very big deal.

We have been gladly plugging the Cradle of Liberty SPAAMFAA Chapter's musters for the past 3 or 4 years now and they have been steadily growing and getting better each year.  This one will put them over the top, I'm sure.  This year's theme will be a focus on fire appartus builders who are/were located in the greater Philadelphia area, such as Hale, Hahn, Mack and others.

We'll have more details on  the full program which includes several interesting  tours shortly, along with an internet link to the web page, so I'll be getting back to you on that.

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Before we head over to the apparatus for the morning check, I want to express our support and best wishes for our friends and colleagues in the New England area who are just now coming out from that unusual blizzard that just swept through their towns.  Fortunately the storm was very fast-moving and did not linger.  But during the few hours that it was battering the area, it dropped up to 3 feet of snow in some areas, and had some hurricane-strength wind gusts of 75 mph and more.

All of that has brought on a massive power outage for the entire region with still-impassable roads.  You know without me telling you what job that creates for the fire and EMS folks who are working that challenge today.  Send some good vibes and coffee their way this morning, will you?  Thanks.

Now let's get the equipment checked out and I'll make some extra coffee in the Bunn-O-Matic.  See you back in the day room shortly.

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