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$2-Million House Fire in Tennessee

Building, Boats and Cars

A 7,000 SQ. FT. HOME IN HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee, burned to the ground Sunday morning.  The family residing in the house were at home asleep when the fire broke out in the garage that held two boats and several automobiles, eight of them restored antiques.


News reports are saying that the family was awakened around 2:30 am by the smell of smoke and called 9-1-1.  (Firegeezer suspects that it was the sound of smoke detectors that woke them.  It is hard to imagine that a large, modern, million-dollar house did not have them.  Plus we know that it is rare that the smell of smoke wakes anyone.)  The homeowner tried a green line attack on the boat, but the fire was too overwhelming for that and everybody evacuated safely.

The first-in units found smoke and fire throughout the ground floor of the 3-story house, but it was spreading rapidly and the chief kept everybody out of the building.  The FF's were able to save three of the antique autos, but the others and the boats were all lost with the complete destruction of the home and contents.

Google Satellite View of the house

WDEF-TV posted this video report:



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