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A Miracle in Indiana

Law of Physics Turned Upside Down

AN AUTOMOBILE FIRE IN WAYNE COUNTY, Indiana, Sunday afternoon killed two of the four occupants who were unable to escape the burning vehicle.  The car was traveling along I-75 just after 3 pm when it caught fire inside the passenger compartment.  The driver pulled into the median and two of the passengers managed to bail out, but the other two were unable to escape and burned to death inside the car.

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WTHR-TV Indianapolis reports:

Wayne County Sheriff Jeff Cappa confirmed that two people died after a car caught fire on I-70 Sunday afternoon.

According to the Sheriff the car was traveling westbound on Interstate 70 just west U.S. 35 intersection just after 3 p.m. Sunday when the car caught fire.

There were four occupants in the vehicle and one them was using oxygen. One of the other occupants lit a cigarette causing the oxygen to ignite.

While the horrible deaths of the two passengers is certainly noteworthy, the real news here is that after millions of years, this is the first time in history that oxygen, an inert a non-flammable gas, has ignited and burned.  While we can't really blame a sheriff for not knowing basic science, it's surprising that those layers of editors in the tv news room failed to catch this earth-shaking discovery.

Read the full story HERE.

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