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“Annie! …. Are You OK?”

It Didn't Look Good At First

A PASSERBY IN ESSEX, ENGLAND, Tuesday morning spotted a car covered with snow and ice with a passenger in the back seat.  Seemingly the victim was suffering from exposure and the Good Sammaritan, finding the doors locked, started shaking the car and yelling in a futile attempt to wake the unconscious subject.  EADT24 News continues the story:

Crews from the East of England Ambulance Service were alerted at 7.40am today to reports of a person unconscious and not breathing in a locked car.

The vehicle was covered in snow and ice, leading to concerns the occupant may have been suffering from exposure to the cold.

But when they arrived at Milton Road in Harwich, Essex, paramedics quickly realised the mistake.

Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson said: "Following assessments at the scene, it appears the person in the car was actually a mannequin.

The dummy was sitting up in the rear seat, fully dressed and with a blanket wrapped around it.  All units were returned to service.

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East of England Ambulance Service WEBSITE.

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