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House Ka-Boom in Maine – 1 Killed

Quarter-Mile Debris Field

A HOME IN BATH, MAINE, WAS leveled when it blew up early Tuesday morning.  The explosion in the brick duplex shook the entire area at 5 am this morning and damaged nearby homes and cars, waking up the entire neighborhood.  When the FD arrived they found the building pile and several automobiles burning, but all were handled easily.

Kennebec Journal

Five people were believed to be inside the two apartments and four of them survived.  The fifth resident was unaccounted for at first, but after a few hours the body of a woman was found in the rubble.  The debris field of the blast covered a quarter-mile radius.

The local fire chief says that the house was heated by propane, but has not yet determined if that was the cause of the blast.

WCSH-TV posted this video report from the scene:


The coroner has claimed the body of the unidentified victim and removed it just after noon.  Local and state investigators are now on the scene trying to find clues to the cause of the blast.

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