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KENTUCKY STATE POLICE HAVE CONFIRMED that they are conducting an investigation into activities involving the Cumberland Fire Department in Harlan County.  More specifically, they are investigating Fire Chief Fess Eldridge who has just been suspended by the city council.  WYMT-TV reports:

Cumberland Mayor Carl Hatfield confirms Fire Chief Fess Eldridge is suspended at this time. Cumberland City Council members say there are allegations of missing funds in the Cumberland Fire Department.

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"We have to look after the taxpayer's money so that's what we expect to happen and let the chips fall where they may," said Charles Raleigh, Cumberland City Council member.

Council members say the mayor first told them of the issue two weeks ago. It was turned over to state police. Detectives say they have a "theft by deception of cold checks" investigation at the department.

WYMT-TV filed this video report:


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