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Sex Predator Fire Chief Update

It's Looking Worse in Coventry

FORMER COVENTRY (Connecticut) VOLUNTEER Fire Association Fire Chief Joseph Carilli is in deeper doo-doo than was reported yesterday.  On Thursday Firegeezer REPORTED HERE on the upcoming arraignments of Carilli and another Coventry firefighter, Joe Fragoso.  They have both been charged with sexual assaults on minors who were participating in the department's Junior Firefighter program. 

Joseph Carilli  (Coventry PD)

At Carilli's arraignment yesterday it was brought out, as reported by the Hartford Courant:

In October 1984, when Carilli was 24, he was charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault and one count of risk of injury to a minor after the parents of a 14-year-old girl filed a complaint with police. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of risk of injury to a minor and on Feb. 27, 1985, was sentenced to a year in prison. He served eight months in prison and three months in a halfway house.

In 2006, after his election as chief caused some discontent in the fire department, Carilli said of the incident and his arrest: "It was a very bad situation and it should have never occurred. I've changed my life 180 degrees since then."

Earlier this month, the Coventry Town Council voted unanimously to tell the fire association that it had no confidence in Carilli regarding any leadership position. The council has only limited authority over the fire department.

"Girls in Coventry or anywhere need to feel that it is safe to come forward and talk about these things that are happening to them," council member Lisa Thomas said.

"Girls and women need to know that if they file a complaint, it will be honored," she said. "I want my daughters to feel they will be supported by their elected officials and people in authority."

Fox News filed this video report last night HERE.

WFSB-TV also posted this video report this morning:

 WFSB 3 Connecticut

At yesterday's hearing where Carilli was bound over on $250,000 bond, Carilli's lawyer, Jeremy Donnelly, told the judge that his client — a father of seven children, ranging in age from 1 to 32 — is disabled and receives Social Security disability payments.

At the request of the police, the VFD has temporarily suspended the Junior Firefighter program until better supervision and safeguards are put in place.

Firegeezer wants to know:  What in the blinkety-blank possessed those people at the fire department to let this guy become a member, let alone put him in a position of authority?

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