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Morning Lineup – February 20

Wednesday Morning – "How do I shut down Twitter?"

Lineup is a little late this morning and it will be brief also.  I have been spending some time getting more info. and updating last night's posting about that tragic ka-boom and fire in Kansas City.  The details and videos are in the posting directly below this one and I will be keeping an eye on what's going on in KC to let you know if there is any resolution to the missing person(s) that they are looking for.  The exact number of injured or missing victims is still uncertain.  So check back later today to see if anything has developed.

On another topic,  there have been a lot of stories and events relating to people being so anxious to see themselves on Facebook and similar "social media" that they rush without thinking of the consequences and end up in the proverbial deep doo doo.  This is especially problematic when you get your employer or their reputation involved, thus leading to an unplanned career change.  We've witnessed several firefighter terminations lately after they posted strange things on YouTube.

With that in mind, this headline for an article published by Forbes magazine early this month caught my attention:

Don't Fire An Employee And Leave Them
In Charge Of The Corporate Twitter Account

It refers to an instance where a large CD, Video games, and DVD retailing chain in Britain laid off a couple hundred corporate employees as their sales were plummeting last month.  Forbes wrote:

The company apparently pulled a large group into human resources and gave them the bad news. While this was going on, one employee, Poppy Rose, who had been an HMV community manager and thus had access to the corporate Twitter account, started live tweeting about the layoffs.

Over a period of around 20 minutes, she sent out a series of notes expressing her rising sense of alarm to HMV’s 61,500 followers (that number has since risen to 73,350). Rose admitted that it was unusual to use the company Twitter feed to express her views, but, she wrote, "when the company you dearly love is being ruined," she felt it was justified. "There are over 60 of us being fired at once!" she wrote. "Mass execution, of loyal employees who love the brand."

One of the most entertaining tweets that came through before HMV took back the account and deleted the offending tweets: "Just overheard our marketing director (he’s staying, folks) ask ‘How do I shut down Twitter?’"

Ah, yes … fine planning there.  The article has a graphic of Poppy's tweets and tells us what happened after that.  Could have easily been avoided, you know.  Read the whole story HERE.

No tweeting needed to remind us to get the equipment checked out, though.  So let's get going with that while I get the coffee refilled, and then we'll meet back in the day room.

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