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Morning Lineup – February 21

Thursday Morning – "Are you comfortable, Sir?"

Almost everybody takes a flight on a commercial airline every once in a while, some more frequently than that.  And, with most of us lacking a cushy expense account to upgrade to the elite section forward of The Curtain, we just go ahead and sign up for the economy-class seats thinking that we all get there at the same time, so why pay so much more?

But during the entire flight we are paying for our savings in our discomfort bred into the cramped seat design.  The chairs are narrow with those armrests serving more like clamps and just as soon as you get ready to cut into your indescribable snack, the guy in front of you suddenly – and without signalling first – sails the recliner back into your lap changing everything in your life.

Well, there is hope on the horizon for us who ride in Cattle Class, albeit a few years away yet.  But still, we can see help is on the way.  The Daily Mail posted an article a couple of days ago about a new concept and design created by a Malaysian engineering student who has developed an innovative airline seat design that can turn those economy torture devices into a comfort zone that rivals the first-class seats.  Dubbed the AirGo system, the seats are individual pods that are completely separated from each other and thus give you full command over your seat position, lap tray, and even the "entertainment" screen.

Daily Mail

Without getting into details that you can read about in the article, I will point out a few of the features:

  • The overhead storage bin is yours and yours alone, providing relief for those who are the later arrivals and have to battle the already-full bins over the aisle.
  • The chairs are a mesh-type design that is more comforatable than those rigid cushions that also increase the "sweat factor."
  • The chair also has three adjustment motors allowing you to configure it to fit your individual size and posture.
  • Lap tray and video screen also part of your pod and not the passenger's in front of you.

The designer of this new concept, Alireza Yaghoubi has heavily illustrated the newspaper article with many design drawings and it is worth taking a look at.  Read the full, informative ARTICLE HERE.  The only thing the passenger pod is missing is your own personal Bunn coffee maker, but that could be penciled in, I'm sure.

Fortunately our Bunn is already installed and I'm heading that way now to get it running some fresh joe while you get started on the equipment check.  Then we'll meet back in the day room and try to figure out a way to pay for some AirGo chairs to replace this institutional crap they send us for our training room.

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