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Updated: Heavy Crash at Daytona – Car Into Grandstand – Fans Injured – Video

Several Race Cars Destroyed

Update, 10 pm:  Injury reports updated.  Scroll down.

A SPECTACULARLY DESTRUCTIVE CRASH on the final lap of the Nationwide Series NASCAR race Saturday afternoon launched one of the cars into the catch fencing and breaking apart sending car parts and wheels into the spectators.

The early reports say at least five spectators were injured and transported plus another two racefans in the upper level.  Several of the race cars were left in pieces on the track.  This video was taken from the tv broadcast and shows the wreck from the beginning and some of the destruction:


An early report from USA Today tells:

It was unclear immediately how many people were injured or how seriously after several cars crashed and disintegrated in front of the grandstand at the end of the Nationwide Series race. Radio transmissions indicated helicopters were being brought to the pits to transport the injured.

The engine from Kyle Larson's car, which flew high and tore into the fence at the start-finish line, was seen burning inside an open area in the fence afterward. A wheel and lots of debris also were seen in the stands, where safety crews were working on at least five people, including four who were strapped to backboards. And at least two people were injured in the upper deck, where another safety crew with an additional two stretchers were sent.

AP / Graham

The crash involved 11 12 cars and one driver has been reported as needing hospitalization.

Update, 10 pm:
More than 30 spectators were injured by the wreck, but the exact number is still unknown.  There were 14 fans transported by ambulance and at least 12 people treated at the speedway, probably a few more than that.

AP / Graham

The racetrack already had dozens of medics stationed around the grandstands for the gathering of more than 100,000 spectators and they were able to assemble a large contingent on the accident scene within a few minutes.

ESPN has posted this video update that includes crash footage from a different location from the video above:


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