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Morning Lineup – February 23

Saturday Morning – Some Firehouse History

Earlier this week the New York city Landmarks Preservation Commission voted to designate five firehouses as architectural landmarks, thus preserving them from destruction or major alterations in their appearance.  In an article about the action by the Commission, the New York Daily News posted:

"Firehouses and other public buildings are often the most prominent structures in their neighborhoods," said Simeon Bankoff of the Historic Districts Council. "They serve as landmarks and we’re pleased to see them become ‘Landmarks’ in fact as well."

"Each of these buildings is a clear expression of civic spirit and pride of purpose that existed at the time they were built and continue to this day in our city’s municipal architecture," LPC Chairman Robert Tierney said Monday in a statement to the Daily News.

Twinned Houses Engine 73 / Hook and Ladder 42
in the Bronx were listed as one entry in this latest action.
(Landmarks Preservation Commission photo)

"The FDNY has done an exemplary job of protecting these structures that have a vital role in protecting New Yorkers, and we’re grateful for its support of the proposals to landmark them," he added.

"FDNY firehouses are important symbols of bravery, safety and service in the communities they protect," Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said Monday.

A total of 32 firehouses across the city are landmarked, according to the commission. Nine of those are located in historic districts. Out of the 23 individually landmarked firehouses, 18 are still used by the FDNY while five have been transformed into theaters, apartments and other uses.

Of these five additions to the roster, two are in Brooklyn, two in the Bronx, and one in Queens.  You can read more details about the individual stations and where they are located in the Daily News STORY HERE.

If you enjoy reading about historic firehouses like I do, here are some more photos to take a look at.  Our good friend Kathy B. sent along this webpage from the Forgotten New York historic website titled Manhattan's Ancient FirehousesCLICK HERE for a weekend visual treat.  I would have loved to work in a fire station called Red Rover Engine Co.  Thanks, Kathy!

Let's rove on over to our own apparatus now and get it checked out.  I'll fire up the historic Bunn-O-Matic before we meet back in the digital day room.

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